Our story

Hello! We are Lew and Kati, your friendly neighborhood flower farmers. And here is our story:

I,kati, grew up in georgia. as a child, I loved books, all things vintage, cats, horses, and visiting my grandparents farm.

meanwhile, in maine…Lew was growing up in front of his computer. he was not exactly a farm boy but he was the kinda guy who was always up for an adventure. and that is a very good thing…because…

in 2003, lew and i met on a cruise, fell in love, and got married very quickly. our parents might even say too quickly. 🙂 But over the next 19 years, we had many adventures – in mexico, in france, and in maine, North carolina, and georgia as we searched for our forever home. we added many furry friends to our little family along the way and ended up with a pile of cats, dogs, goats, and chickens.

our biggest adventure came in 2012 when we boarded a plane to africa together to bring our children home and complete our family. through adoption, our twosome became a family of five.

Now, we are here in Danielsville, GA living on our dream farm trying our best to be farmers. we chose flowers as our main crop because we wanted to bring some beauty into the world and i just literally wanted to be surrounded by flowers every single day. Also, because Lew knows any animal that makes it here stands no chance of getting eaten because i’m a total softy so raising cattle or any meat animal would be a disaster.

everyone around here pitches in. this is mostly a kati-run-operation but lew is the wind beneath my wings and the both real and metaphoric tech support behind my everything. our three kids work hard as well and we are all very anxious to make this first year flower farming as successful as we can for y’all! we are learning as we go and loving every minute! we hope y’all will join us for this journey and share in our joys, laugh with us when we fail, and cheer us on as we get back up and try again.

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